Monday, August 18, 2008

The Mormons Meet the Metro Narcotics Unit

Couldn't verify this, but it's a good story none the less.

The Mormons Meet the Metro Narcotics Unit
By Daryl Zadok Budd - Clearfield, Utah

The Elders Quorum President and I were visiting some lost souls, when they were found by the long arm of the law. As we were preparing to say the closing prayer at the conclusion of our visit we heard someone pounding on the door and yelling, "it's the police! Open the door!" I thought, "Oh, that old joke." Then there was more pounding, "it's the police! We have a search warrant!" Before this lady's boyfriend made it to the door to open it the police opened the door for him. Into the house stormed ten police officers dressed from head to toe in black body armor. Each gentleman had a sub machine gun. When I saw the door burst open, read the word POLICE across the first officers Kevlar vest and saw the large gun that he had I thought, "This is going to make a great story."

The Officer only got to "Get on the..." and I was face down on the carpet with my hands above my head in full view. "Get down on the ground!" The friendly officer again shouted at the President. The only trouble the President had was that the room was very small and had a coffee table in the center of it. There was no available space remaining on the floor, as the rest of us had already "hit the deck." There was no room left in the Inn, if you know what I mean. The Elders Quorum President therefore made the mistake of Standing up from where he was sitting on the couch and trying to explain who we were. The kind officers did not seem to like this action and one very large officer stepped toward the President who then found himself looking directly into the muzzle of the gun with a bright light shining in his eyes. As the officer placed his finger over the trigger and shouted, "I said get on the ground!!" The president decided to do so. As there was nowhere else to go, he laid on top of me, his first councilor. I never thought I would need to "support the President" like that I assure you. I really felt the "weight of my calling."

We were instructed not to move or speak which was difficult to say the least as I had eaten a little too much for supper and the President is not exactly a small man. After a time the President whispered, "Are you O.K. down there?" I didn't dare answer. But a few seconds later the humor of the whole situation hit me full force and I started laughing, silently mind you, which made my body shake and the President being on top of me was well aware that I was laughing and thought, "What in the
world could he possibly be laughing at?" After they got done handcuffing the two closest to us they were ready for us. "Stand up and keep your hands above your head!" We arose and the officers searched us for weapons. The heroic officers did a much more extensive search of the Presidents person due to his earlier, "Non-compliance"

"Who are you?!" asked the large officer who had gently persuaded the President to get down on the floor. "We are the Elders Quorum Presidency from a local Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Replied the President in one breath. The officers looked at each other and their weapons lowered a little bit. "Do you have any church I.D.?" One officer asked. They gave us back our wallets and we showed them our Temple Recommends and Drivers licenses. Big smiles came
onto their faces and they soon escorted us out to our car, wished us a good night and allowed us to drive away with a great story to tell.

I knew that my Temple Recommend could help me get into the Lord's house but I never dreamed it could help me avoid going to the "Big house." This time the lost sheep that we were hoping to bring back to the fold sadly ended up going to a different pen.

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