Thursday, June 4, 2009

We'll miss you Smokey Joe Potter

It's not like my emotions weren't running high as it was, I came home after work on Wednesday to find a very dehydrated cat, I knew right away we were in trouble... We went to Ian's graduation ceremony and as soon as we got home called the vet to take him in. You could tell right away that she knew we were in trouble too. They kept him over night tried to get some fluids in him and take some blood. The blood tests confirmed her fear-kidney failure. Bottom line, not much you can do. So this afternoon we let him go. Ian and I went to the vet to be with him, then Sean, Ian and I took him out to my mom & dads and buried him in their backyard. Sean made a cross of sorts for him-it's been a very sad day in the Potter household.

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Becky said...

Your poor kitty! That almost makes me want to cry. If I'd known him personally, I think I would have cried. Have you read Marley & Me? Well, I cried for that dog and I'm not even a pet person! I like other people's pets but due to allergies and poop, I cannot be a responsible owner.

Congrats to the grads in your family! Tell Ian that he won't even remember the Junior High graduation, if he went or didn't. Just your bringing it up sparked a small remembrance of my own but all I can recall is that I wore some ugly combination of a red and orange robe.