Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Thoughts

I keep thinking any day now one of my boys will do or say something funny or interesting I can share. They haven't totally let me down, but I can't say I want to put it out here for any random stranger to read. Being a blog stalker myself, I know it can happen. 8)

Random thoughts:

I read the other day that people who write blogs "want to be heard" is that why 'ya all write your blogs? I personally just want to belong... hmmm, what do you suppose that says about me?

I am blessed to supervise a great group of people and can honestly say we care about each other personally as well as work together as a team. We often ponder on the things of the world, things beyond the world, and things that, well, don't really matter at all.

Today's burning question: How is it that when you put those little squares of chocolate chip cookie dough in the oven they come out round? Please feel free to give your input.

Also learned today: Why Pistachio nut shells were painted red. They were imported and it was believed that Americans liked pretty things, and that we would not buy the nuts if we saw the bruised shells. (You never know when that piece of knowledge may come in handy.)

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